The Commitment of Hageten


The principle of Ginza Hageten is to provide fresh seasonal ingredients and to have customers enjoy the highest quality items at prices lower than anywhere else.

Our store has been loved by numerous gourmands since its opening in Ginza in 1928. It has been 80 years since our founding and we continue with our belief that it is our mission to convey to our customers Japanese food culture as well as "the soul of the Japanese," who enjoy life while constantly embracing a sense of aesthetics in their daily lives.

The tempura at Hageten uses select, fresh seasonal ingredients from out of over 200 available throughout the year, which is then coated with a thin batter made with an abundance of eggs, and deep fried to crisp, light perfection in a special blend of sesame oil.
Enjoy full-bodied richness and flavor along with a light texture.
We have prepared two types, spicy and sweet, of ten-tsuyu dipping sauce, as well as unique salts to enjoy your tempura with.

Enjoy each piece of seasonal tempura, which captures the true flavors of the ingredients, with close friends and those important to you, as the tempura are fried by your table.
Enjoy the delicious tastes of freshly prepared seasonal ingredients along with pleasant conversations.

We look forward to serving you soon.


The origins of the name Hageten

When the tempura restaurant was first opened in 1928 in Kudan, Tokyo, the name of the store was Takara.
The first-generation owner of the restaurant, Tokunoji Watanabe, was completely bald. As a result, the customers would only refer to the restaurant as a tempura restaurant run by a hage (hage means bald in Japanese), or hageten for short.
The next year, when the restaurant moved to Ginza, the name of the restaurant was changed to Hageten.
Since then, this name became widely known, as it was easy to remember for the customers and still continues to this day.


Omakase Kushiage (Chef's Choice Fried Skewers)

Customers can also kushiage fried skewers on the B1 floor of the Ginza Main Store.
Enjoy as much as you want of a variety of fresh seasonal ingredients fried in vegetable oil.
Customer can spend a relaxing time at the counter seats sipping on drinks while allowing the chef to choose the most appropriate skewers.
(Kushiage is also available at the Ikebukuro Tobu Store and the Funabashi Tobu Store)